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When an actor acts what is he or she doing?

Well, on one level, the answer is simple. They’re making believe. They are pretending. But on a… on a much deeper level, we need to ask ourselves… what is really happening? What´s really happening is that the actor is playing God. Because after all, what does God do? God creates. God says ´´Here is a world´´, and bam! That world exists. God says, ´´Here´s life´´, and bam again! Life happens. God says, ´´Here´s death´´, and boom! The darkness returns. Like God, we must love our creations. We must imbue them with life, with character, with hope and dreams and fatal flaws, and then…we must let them go. Because in the end, true love, God´s love… is letting go.

The Kominsky Method Film

I believe a new age has began.

More people are becoming self aware that they are responsible of creating their own reality.

We seem to be living on a movie set, where life is just a dream with a series of different scenes where actors enter and go… realities are changing as we change our mindset or circumstances.

Yet we live in a world full of temptations, challenges, obstacles, mind games, all sorts of pressures… we are in a constant flow of contradictions between what the world is telling us, what we feel and what we want.

Time flies and eventually we are sucked in this fast race and mirage, forgetting what is actually our purpose and even worse, forgetting to even questioning it. All the society’s walls of separations have disconnected us from our true nature and divine source, and also from each other.

The day when humans will understand the power they have over their unfolding reality and that everything emerges from consciousness, is the beginning of a new age, the superhumans age.

Alina Kolozsi


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